Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit: sexy or slutty (and how to copy it!)

Beyonce Knowles’ strutted down the stage belting “Love on Top,” revealing only a sexy silhouette. She had made a bold fashion choice.   She managed to grab the attention of millions, piss off parents–and PETA, too. But slutty? I don’t think so.

Photo credit: USA Today

Photo credit: USA Today

Her leather body suit sure caught my attention and, in a room full of college-aged men, it was easy to see they loved it too. (Seriously, the outfit immediately trumped any talk of football.) But others? Not so much.

PETA, an animal rights activist group, called her out for wearing a suit made of iguanas and pythons.  Parents said the outfit frustrated them, saying watching it with their children embarrassed them. All right, so Beyonce didn’t quite hit it off with everyone, but she sure made a hell of a fashion statement. Sure, the pop singer could have gone for a faux alternative, but we’re talking about Beyonce here. Going bold is just her style. Now try to picture the designer of this risqué little number. My guess is big name designers come to mind. Dolce and Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy….

Photo credit: Eonline

Photo credit: E! online

Try again.

Rubin Singer, 34-year-old American designer, custom made the leather bodysuit and cropped jacket for the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only that, but he also designed the outfits of the 120 backup singers.

“It’s the biggest moment of my career,” he told the New York Times.

I’ve got to give it to you, Beyonce. Picking an understated designer, nailing the performance and looking hot doing it? In my book, she nailed it. (Not to mention the surprise performance by Destiny’s Child–loved it!)

Click here to watch the performance.

That being said, Beyonce’s costume choice inspired my outfit today (sans the whole snake-skinned, lingerie aspect…not sure how my professors would have felt about that one). But, I did try to capture her fierce, blackout look.


What I’m wearing:

Sweater: LOFT | Jeans: Against All Odds | Boots: A.N.A. | Earrings: Forever 21 | Bangles: LOFT

So you loved her outfit, but let’s face it—not everyone can wear it to the extreme level of Beyonce. Here’s how to get the look without all the controversy:

Start with a black sweater with some kind of fun neckline (I chose cowl neck). Pair it with your favorite black skinny’s or leggings, or even a black skirt with tights. Without the accessories, you’d probably look like cat woman. So, to break it up, add bold, colorful (or metallic) jewelry. If you still don’t like the look of black on black, try adding a belt to separate it. Adding pops of color not only softens the look, but it completes the outfit.


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