Must-Haves for Spring: According to You

This spring ranks no different from any other when it comes to the influx of new trends draping the mannequins and running the catwalks.


With changing weather comes changing fashion, and this means magazines and fashion designers dubbing the next top ten must-haves of the season. Chunky cable knit sweaters and tribal print in the fall. Maxi skirts and peplum tops for the summer. The list goes on and on, original ideas each season, but the idea of it is nothing new.

This spring it’s neon’s. It’s floral pants. It’s sporty-style dresses.

But says who?

Think about it. You’re reading the latest edition of Vogue and you come across the inevitable page with the bold print headline reading: “This season’s trends,” as advertised on the cover. Without thinking, you accept these styles to be the new, hip thing. The next addition to your wishlist, whatever the trend may be. So, you go out and revamp your closet for spring, making damn sure to include that pair of floral jeans from page 12.

But do you even… (Gasp) like them?

So, who says these are the newest trends? The next things we should add to our closet for spring? Shouldn’t we make these decisions? We’re the ones wearing them, right?

So, here’s how to be your own trend-setter:

Mix it up. Generally, stores split their layout into sections—one corner for business casual, one for dresses, and one for casual wear, for example. Take your favorite pieces from each section to create outfits of your own.

Don’t use the mannequins as your fall-back. Even when you get frustrated, stuck to your own style! Mannequins are designed to guide you and give you ideas, but don’t surrender your personal taste to someone in corporate who decided those two pieces would look best together.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Most store associates are glad to help you with your style. If you’re looking for a black and white patterned top to pair with a blazer from another store, just tell them! Describe them your style, they’ll most likely help you find what you’re looking for, or something close to it.

Michaela (below) went to Ann Taylor Loft to get her wardrobe ready for spring.

“I like the idea of patterned shorts but the outfit on the mannequin seemed a little too match-y for me,” she said. “I just asked an associate to help me break it up a bit and she brought me this denim jacket.”


Next time you’re out shopping for the latest trends, remember to add in a bit of your own personal touch. After all, it is your style, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “Must-Haves for Spring: According to You

  1. Love, love this blog! Ever so true! Never be afraid to take the ‘latest’ trends with last years ‘latest’ trends and make them into something so much more! Looking forward to more blogs from you such as this one. xoxo


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