DIY Chalkboard Frame

My roommates and I have a problem. We constantly fail to make note of the fact that we’re on our last role of paper towels or that we’ve just used the rest of our dish soap.  Hence, the next time we reach for a paper towel after we’ve spilled an entire glass of wine, we’re S.O.L. So, I decided to make a chalkboard to hang right in the kitchen so we could write down when we’re close to running out of something. Regardless of the fact that our grocery lists and notes to each other get somehow turned into dirty words by any guy that walks in our house, it has so far helped us!

IMG_4688  IMG_4799

Here’s how to make one:

Start with a piece of medium density fiberboard. This will be what you paint for your chalkboard. I bought mine from Lowe’s for about $8.  However, I had to cut it with a table saw to make it the size I wanted.


Once you’ve cut it to size, apply a coat of chalkboard paint using a foam roller for smooth surfaces. Once that’s dried, apply one more coat. Make sure to keep any dust off your surface.

IMG_0005 IMG_4661

Next, decide what you want to use for your frame. If you already have a frame, just use wood glue to apply it to your chalkboard.

I made my own frame out of barn wood. I started by cutting two pieces 1.5 inches wide using a table saw. The barn wood was too thick to use as it was, so I ripped them into strips that were .5 inch thick on a table saw (cut them in half sideways).

IMG_0013   IMG_0037

Next, I used a miter saw to cut the angles of the frame. You can use any saw as long as you can cut a 45-degree angle.


If you’re planning on painting your frame, paint it now. I mixed these acrylic paints to get the color I painted mine. In order to keep the barn wood look, I didn’t put much paint on my brush and only painted one coat.

IMG_4673   IMG_4678

Before you attach your frame to your board, you’ll need to secure your hanging device. To hang it up, I just used a string I found in my garage. Any sturdy string like twine or rope will work. Drill a hole into each side of the top piece of your frame. Feed the string into the holes, and then drill a small screw into each hole to keep the string from pulling out. Alternatively, you could glue the string to the back of the frame before attaching it.

IMG_4671  IMG_4677

When your chalkboard paint has dried, apply your frame to the fiberboard. You can use wood glue, but I used screws just to be extra safe.  First, make sure your screws aren’t longer than your board and frame, so they won’t show through the front. Then drill a blind hole into the back of your fiberboard being sure not to drill through to the front. Once you have your holes, drill your screws into the board securing your frame.

Happy crafting!

IMG_4788 IMG_4686


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