Easy, Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Cookies

With Valentine’s Day just two days away, I thought I’d share this simple cutout recipe — a quick and easy way to spread the love. And sticking with the theme of love, why not celebrate my love of sweets? I’ll show you how to make the cookies, the royal icing, and then how to decorate them using food […]

Holiday shopping: What to get the guy who has everything

Two weeks left and counting and you still haven’t figured out what to get him. You know, the guy that’s impossible to buy for because he already has everything? The one you grow a temporary hatred for during the gift-giving season? The one you pick a fight with three days before Christmas so you don’t […]

Finding strength amid a small-town tragedy

Mass school shootings, bombings in Boston, an economic disaster, and a government shutdown. You want to talk about bad? It’s bad. And a pessimist would say it’s bad everywhere. But I disagree. This summer, tragedy struck my small town. A car accident took the lives of three young adults and severely injured two more as […]

Distressing Old Furniture with Paint: DIY Tutorial

Want to bring color and character to your room? Paint your furniture. It’s easy and it creates a fun, energetic vibe. Especially if you’re constrained to boring white walls because of rental agreements. My landlord provided me with my dresser, so I didn’t have to search for one. But you can find a functional, used […]

Georgetown Style vs. Smalltown Style

Polo shirts, boat shoes and bright colors: all necessities for a typical preppy outfit. Shirts, purses, and even pants are obsolete to a prepster unless embroidered with brand-name logos. A cashmere sweater tied around the shoulders is an extreme, but the distinctive style has certainly had an impact on fashion. Last weekend I visited Georgetown […]

DIY Headbands From Old T-Shirts

The 8-foot, metal rod in my closet is literally caving at the center. My overstuffed drawers refuse to fully close. My neatly folded pile of sweaters has transformed into an unorganized heap. And I kind of think my roommate is thinking about holding an intervention… I’m a class-A hoarder when it comes to clothes. Thus, […]