Holiday shopping: What to get the guy who has everything

Two weeks left and counting and you still haven’t figured out what to get him. You know, the guy that’s impossible to buy for because he already has everything? The one you grow a temporary hatred for during the gift-giving season? The one you pick a fight with three days before Christmas so you don’t […]

Georgetown Style vs. Smalltown Style

Polo shirts, boat shoes and bright colors: all necessities for a typical preppy outfit. Shirts, purses, and even pants are obsolete to a prepster unless embroidered with brand-name logos. A cashmere sweater tied around the shoulders is an extreme, but the distinctive style has certainly had an impact on fashion. Last weekend I visited Georgetown […]

Must-Haves for Spring: According to You

This spring ranks no different from any other when it comes to the influx of new trends draping the mannequins and running the catwalks. With changing weather comes changing fashion, and this means magazines and fashion designers dubbing the next top ten must-haves of the season. Chunky cable knit sweaters and tribal print in the […]

CBS says cover up: stars say show it off

Music, fashion and a lot of risk: all things essential for an awards show. Especially the Grammys (which is notorious for bold fashion statements). But what happens when CBS tries to take away the risk and the free-for-all fashion? More risk, that’s what happens. CBS sent a memo to guests at the 55th Grammy Awards requesting that certain areas remain […]