Must-Haves for Spring: According to You

This spring ranks no different from any other when it comes to the influx of new trends draping the mannequins and running the catwalks.


With changing weather comes changing fashion, and this means magazines and fashion designers dubbing the next top ten must-haves of the season. Chunky cable knit sweaters and tribal print in the fall. Maxi skirts and peplum tops for the summer. The list goes on and on, original ideas each season, but the idea of it is nothing new.

This spring it’s neon’s. It’s floral pants. It’s sporty-style dresses.

But says who?

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CBS says cover up: stars say show it off

Music, fashion and a lot of risk: all things essential for an awards show. Especially the Grammys (which is notorious for bold fashion statements).

But what happens when CBS tries to take away the risk and the free-for-all fashion?


Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry
Photo Creidt:

More risk, that’s what happens.

CBS sent a memo to guests at the 55th Grammy Awards requesting that certain areas remain covered and warning against “see-through clothing” and “thong type costumes.”

But that didn’t stop Grammy stars from sporting revealing outfit choices. What did you expect, CBS? If you repress someone, they’re going to rebel.

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Beyonce’s Super Bowl outfit: sexy or slutty (and how to copy it!)

Beyonce Knowles’ strutted down the stage belting “Love on Top,” revealing only a sexy silhouette. She had made a bold fashion choice.   She managed to grab the attention of millions, piss off parents–and PETA, too. But slutty? I don’t think so.

Photo credit: USA Today

Photo credit: USA Today

Her leather body suit sure caught my attention and, in a room full of college-aged men, it was easy to see they loved it too. (Seriously, the outfit immediately trumped any talk of football.) But others? Not so much.

PETA, an animal rights activist group, called her out for wearing a suit made of iguanas and pythons.  Parents said the outfit frustrated them, saying watching it with their children embarrassed them. All right, so Beyonce didn’t quite hit it off with everyone, but she sure made a hell of a fashion statement. Sure, the pop singer could have gone for a faux alternative, but we’re talking about Beyonce here. Going bold is just her style. Continue reading

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